Why re-code BASIC to VB.NET?

Maybe I am old (I am) or jaded by decades of gaming (I am), but the new eye candy games with 1000s of options and cheat sites and videos to solve the hardest of problems just don’t do it for me anymore. So I decided to find some the old BASIC games I used to play and play them again.  Emulators worked well, (Generous) once dialed in, and more than one had viral payloads when downloaded, but not all the games I liked were available or just didn't run right.


Having pretended to be a BASIC and Visual Basic programmer off and on for the last 30 years, I decided to try to port some old Commodore BASIC, PET BASIC, QBASIC and GW-BASIC and maybe a few other flavors of Spaghetti coded BASIC Games to modern VB.NET (2015+).


I figured I'd start with conversion of BASIC Code to VB.NET as console programs and if my attention held, to full up windows app or GUI executable.


So I guessed FidoNet was no longer needed for asking BASIC questions and VB.NET is still alive and kicking no matter how much C++ snobs and Microsoft try to kill it.  There are a ton of old game repositories (a few of em even won't give your AV fits) and tons of information(mostly bad or incomplete) on writing your own games out there.


Oddly, when it comes to VB.NET game programming there is a huge void (always has been).  I know, I know, VB.NET is a toy language and slow and… you know what Bite Me!  I'm not pretending to write the next MMPORG or whatever they are calling themselves today (auto debit sink hole?). I am however going to blog/code snippet and randomly ramble about old games written in BASIC and how they might be given a new breathe of life with modern tools.  VB.NET is easy to learn and powerful enough to mimic anything offered 50 years ago without a big learning curve.


Maybe, just maybe the ad revenue from this page will cover the electricity for my laptop.  Maybe, someone will port s better rendition of Star Trek than me, maybe someone will write the next Flappy Bird viral sensation after being inspired here (Donations Welcome). Maybe, just maybe a gaggle of old farts can debate whether the TRS-80 was really anything better than an expensive calculator, or how the hell Commodore blew it and let Microsoft sink em...


So if there are a few of us old school nerds out there still, here’s my journey to code pre-1990s BASIC games to VB.NET 2015+ platform.

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