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Vintage Basic

All the Games listed in the classic book "BASIC COMPUTER GAMES"  site owner also wrote a BASIC friendly environment that can be found on the home page.  The code may have been modified to work in his environment. 

You will have two options for each game:

First the Game Name Link will take you to the page that corresponds to an image of the page in the book. 

The second option the xxx.bas filnename under the Source Column can be clicked which will take you to a page of the code in plain text, this can be selected and copied into a local text file OR you can right click on the xxx.bas file and "Save File" or "Save Target As" to just download and save the xxx.BAS file.

 ClasicBasic Games
 A great little page of history and some conversion tips depending on the flavor of BASIC you are working in.  The is a download for the complete Archive, The modified Archive to run with GW-BASIC or QBASIC (This saves time in conversion) and a good amount of games that may overlap or be earlier versions of the games from Vintage Basic Site.
 Wikipedia  This page has resources for previously commercial games, a few are BASIC flavors

 Scybolt  Has some more advanced game files for reverse engineering to get ideas for your own porting projects.
 QBasic  QBASIC is a great site with tips and downloads of compiled games and provides a QBASIC reference manual that helps a lot if porting QBASIC programs to VB.NET


Not So Old Links That May Be Of Help:

Base of .NET Documentation

- The is where everything command and procedure wise starts for reference (Bookmark it)


Where to get VB.NET and Visual Studio

- Visual Studio Community is a huge tool that allows everything you need to do porting of old Basic programmes to new AND ITS FREE!


VB.NET How to Use the Console Class

- This is a fast track must learn, since all these games to keep the original look and feel are best created as console apps.

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