Selling Other People’s Stuff for Massive Profits (Not)

bank vault photo by Jason Dent at Unsplash

I have been running hobbyist websites for over a decade, as my interest in something grows, I feel the desire to share, but as my interest wains, well, I have a graveyard of old expired domains and sites on old Zip disks and floppies somewhere.

I’ve birthed (and sometimes) buried sites on:

  • SEO and SEM
  • Speculative Fiction
  • DOS BASIC Coding
  • Retro Computing
  • Gaming
  • Men’s Philosophy

Now, with just a few sites, I have reigned in from dozens of random affiliate programs to just a few.

I want to expand in finding guest posting opportunities and possibly speaking engagements as a way to generate more traffic to my niche sites


Provide valuable content and information in a casual way, generating discussion and further content ideas. The traffic generated will be monetized through affiliate programs:

  • Google Adsense (Ads)
  • Amazon Marketplace (Ads and Recommendations)
  • Targeted Affiliate Programs based on Content


Short Term Goals: Quarter 1 2023

  • Clean Up and Regroup Websites and Content
  • Find Faster Web-hosting (Upgrade)
  • Post At Least 3 Posts a Week, One a Day Better
  • Look At Pod or Video Casting
  • Clean Up Google and Amazon Links, and Ads
  • Register New Domain Properties for Commercial Ideas

Long Term Goals:

  • Recurring Income of $2000 per month
  • Get 2 Paid or Sponsored Speaking engagements a year
  • Find 2 Core Sponsors for Racing and Podcasts

The Numbers:

Investment to Date: $437.43

Revenue to Date: $ 0

Project Links:


OCR411.COM – Race Finder for the Obstacle Course Community – Hobbyist site for the ins and outs of amateur backyard aguaponics – Why your life sucks – How to make your like not suck!