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I have been making my own beard products and wanted to share.

Something happens to your hair as it ages, blond, red, brown, or black seems to change as it goes gray.

I’ve tweaked my formulas to keep my beard soft, manageable, and looking professional (and also keeps my lady happy).

I found that some commercial brands stained the gray or white in my beard, giving a tobacco-stained look yuck. Some smelled rancid (yes beard oils can spoil and have a shelf life) and others made my skin itch and break out.

So I started making my own…

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Short Term Goals: Quarter 1 2022

  • Regular Income From Sales on Website and Amazon
  • Lower Production Costs
  • Get More Professional Packaging and labels
  • Start Beard VidCast
  • Get Shopify Store Up
  • Get Amazon Listing

Long Term Goals:

  • Recurring Income of $1000 per month
  • Develop Products 2-6
  • Develop a brand with a legion of loyal users and positive motivated second half lifers
  • Attract Larger Brand to Help Expand

The Numbers:

Investment to Date: $437.43

Revenue to Date: $ 0

Project Link: